Mitigating Hazards Through Land-Use Solutions

What You'll Learn

  • Identify land-use strategies that reduce risks of natural hazards, drawing on resources and case studies.
  • Identify training and resources to help mitigate hazards through land-use solutions.
  • Learn more about actions planners can take in their community to reduce risks to hazards.

More Course Details

Keeping development out of harm's way, minimizing hazard risks to the greatest extent, is a key role of planners, but sometimes easier said than done.

Learn about effective land-use strategies for improving the resilience of existing and future development to natural hazards. Learn about resources that will actually work for your community, including the Planning for Hazards: Land Use Solutions guide and workbooks.

Find out about new FEMA training, developed in partnership with the State of Colorado, that brings local government teams together to roll up their sleeves and implement land-use solutions together. Hear from a local government planner on how they've put this training to use.

Learn about a variety of successes and challenges, and think about what you would need to implement a land use solution.