Integrating Young Voices in Transportation Planning

What You'll Learn

  • It is important to engage young people in transportation planning.
  • Learn how to engage young people in a meaningful way.
  • Understand how planning projects can incorporate young people's voices.

More Course Details

This course shows the way to meaningfully engage young people in transportation and city planning projects. Learn about authentic youth engagement methods used by two Colorado cities, Boulder and Loveland, that are incorporating youth into their transportation planning practices.

Boulder defines engagement as an active, expansive relationship between the city and the community, including any level of public participation though typically encouraging two-way dialogue. When a community has a meaningful voice, including its youth, better decisions and more responsive programs and services emerge. Speakers highlight how one infrastructure project is incorporating youth voices into the planning process.

In Loveland, youth advocacy for transit started with the city's Youth Advisory Commission (YAC). In 2016, YAC established a mission statement and three goals to support the development of an advocacy platform. Since then, YAC has learned about, experienced and advocated for public transit. YAC advocated for funding at a Loveland City Council meeting and even shared its platform with a National League of Cities committee. YAC plans to engage its peers to influence the city's transportation master plan.