Jump-Starting Transportation Corridor Planning

What You'll Learn

  • Understand the value of using a collaborative and integrated corridor planning process to advance transportation projects.
  • Learn about emerging and innovative corridor planning practices.
  • Get to know PlanWorks, a free resource that can guide implementation of effective corridor planning practices.

More Course Details

Comprehensive, performance-based corridor plans are an important way in which states and regions secure transportation funding. It's also a way that they demonstrate how they want to work with local and regional partners to achieve mutually agreed upon planning goals.

Across the country, corridor planning capabilities are evolving in a number of different ways, characterized by stronger incorporation of sustainability principles and other goals, and decision making based on a broader range of performance measures.

This course explores some of the best practices in corridor planning emerging across the country, and it outlines how the federal PlanWorks tool provides an excellent template for how such corridor planning can be done.