Trends in Green Roof Policy

What You'll Learn

  • Understand recent trends that have led to citizens initiatives in support of green roof policies.
  • Understand how San Francisco adopted its cutting-edge requirement that all new roofs above a certain size be both vegetated and solar, and why this makes sense.
  • Learn how planners can shape a citizens initiative once it has been passed in order that it better fit the requirements of the city.

More Course Details

San Francisco received the APA Sustainable Communities Division Award for its adoption of a green roof policy requiring the deployment of solar and green roofs on all projects above a certain size.

Hear from Jeff Joslin, deputy director of planning for San Francisco and one of the policy's authors, about the new policy.

Portland, Oregon, followed suit with a new green roof policy in 2018, and Denver passed a ballot box citizen initiative requiring green roofs as well. Hear from planners from both of these communities about these new trends in green roof policies, and learn what might be appropriate for your community.