Incorporating Schools in Growth Management Strategies

What You'll Learn

  • Learn how school districts and local governments can collaborate and plan for educational facilities and services in communities experiencing growth or decline.
  • Learn about Florida's and Washington State's growth management laws on local land use and school planning.
  • Identify how to evaluate local government and school district coordination efforts using collaboration checklists developed by the APA Public Schools Interest Group.

More Course Details

Schools are often referred to as the heart of a community, but school siting is not often considered in the planning process. Learn how two regions from opposite corners of the country are collaborating on schools and land-use planning.

Hear from a local government planner in a fast-growing region where schools are being directed to cities and away from rural areas, and from a school district planner balancing school capacity with new development and redevelopment.

The message from these two regions is the same: Local governments and school districts can collaborate for effective community building and quality schools whether in a fast-growing or a declining region. Discover the keys: collaboration and the role planners can play in bringing the agencies, elected officials, and community members together on a set of shared goals.