The Recipe for Successful Transit-Oriented Development

What You'll Learn

  • Understand how location and context inform transit-oriented development scale and design.
  • Learn the five essential ingredients for successful transit-oriented development and how local zoning controls can be modified to support such development.
  • Identify successful financial incentives and regulatory mechanisms to incentivize successful transit-oriented development.

More Course Details

Over the last few decades, there has been a monumental shift in consumer preference for more walkable urbanism. This has inspired communities all over the nation to reevaluate priorities and invest in transit systems. These systems are often built with the promise that they will reshape the built environment into attractive and pedestrian-friendly places. The benefits promised by transit won't be fully realized until a synergistic relationship between the built environment and travel is established (cue transit-oriented development).

This course features experts who have identified the five essential ingredients for successful transit-oriented development, how those ingredients can be codified into land-use regulations, and strategies for ensuring a smooth and efficient entitlement process.

Learn how zoning regulations can be improved to ensure the development of successful transit-oriented development.