Where to Place Affordable Housing Developments?

What You'll Learn

  • Methods to deal with NIMBY attitudes when trying to place affordable housing developments evenly across urban areas.
  • The history of affordable housing and its relationship to fair housing law.
  • How to conduct an inventory of affordable housing developments and deconcentrate new developments across a broader urban setting.

More Course Details

In the U.S., affordable housing developments are often placed in communities of color. Many Americans would agree that housing opportunities for seniors, transitional youth, limited-income residents, and developmentally disabled citizens are needed, but NIMBY attitudes play a major factor in their placement.

Learn how some municipalities have concentrated affordable housing, leading to perpetuated poverty and negative quality-of-life while stifling other types of economic development opportunities. Many causes and issues are explored, including the challenges that minority communities encounter when trying to diversify their economic base against increasing affordable housing developments.

Learn from case studies in Chicago, suburban Atlanta, North Texas, and Southern California.