Building Resilience Through Strong Social Networks

What You'll Learn

  • Learn how community resilience is intricately linked to social cohesion among community members.
  • Identify organizations in your community that might be potential partners for climate resilience activities.
  • Develop tactics to effectively engage partners, specifically populations typically left out of the planning process.

More Course Details

Climatic disasters repeatedly show that communities with strong human connections are far more likely to rebound from the difficult aftermath.

Explore how two very different communities — Indianapolis and Northampton, Massachusetts — leveraged equitable engagement as the cornerstone of their climate resilience planning efforts.

Examine both communities' processes, which focused on building relationships with local partners that specifically work with the most disenfranchised populations such as low-income communities, the homeless, seniors, and youth.

The partnerships were based on connecting through shared missions and helping the organizations understand how climate change could impact their ability to drive their mission forward. Through carefully crafted communication and by building a foundation for long-term partnerships, both of these cities were able to develop and effectively begin to implement climate resilience plans.

Learn how to launch a similar effort in your community.