Growing Water Smart: Integrated Resilience Planning

What You'll Learn

  • Define a framework for integrating water and land-use planning in communities.
  • Learn about the role of comprehensive plans in laying a foundation for integration of water and land planning.
  • Understand how to make communities and watersheds resilient to uncertainties like population growth and climate change.

More Course Details

Land use drives water demand, yet land-use and water planning typically happens in silos; land and water planners might not even know one another. Even if they do, regional collaboration across jurisdictional boundaries is challenging, rare, and increasingly necessary for plans to be effective. But how can planners make this happen?

Sonoran Institute and the Babbitt Center for Land and Water Policy share strategies and lessons learned from Growing Water Smart, their community assistance program helping scale integration of water and land-use planning in the Colorado River Basin. Lessons are also shared by officials from the city of Westminster, Colorado, and by speakers familiar with California’s recent Sustainable Groundwater Management Act.

Learn about a framework for integrating water and land use planning, the role comprehensive/general plans can play, how Colorado Basin states are advancing the practice, and get resources and strategies that might work in your community.