Women and Active Travel

What You'll Learn

  • Evidence suggests that women are excluded from access to active travel modes.
  • Examine current shortcomings in walking, cycling, and public transit networks and infrastructure that impede female participation.
  • Identify modifications to transportation planning practice to more effectively include women in the process and outcomes.

More Course Details

Evidence suggests that women are excluded from key sustainable travel modes: cycling, walking, and public transit. Data on female cycling rates from across the U.S., for example, show that women are consistently underrepresented along bike networks in urban environments. 

Learn about women's unique barriers to walking, cycling, and public transit, and explore how current planning and design processes ignore these needs in a manner that is potentially unethical and discriminatory.

Hear how transportation-related academic research also excludes females and has perpetuated a poor understanding in the literature about the unique needs of women in public spaces.

Discover proposed action items to rectify transportation-related planning and research so that outcomes are more equitable and inclusive of women.