Retail / Freight / Jobs / Robotics = Land Use Revolution

What You'll Learn

  • Understand the less obvious impacts of evolving technology on land use through research related to retail, freight, and employment.
  • See how to use a set of real-world tools to guide changing land-use strategies.
  • Discover how to develop potential regulatory approaches to land use and site development.

More Course Details

Research on the over-retailed environment in the U.S. is clear and compelling, and it matches the reality on the street — stores are closing, and the entire landscape is changing.

Online shopping is speeding changes in the world of industrial warehousing and shipping. As a related new world of logistics interfaces with changing light manufacturing needs, a boom in super-scaled industrial facilities is under way. At the same time, overall automation of industrial and retail jobs is leading toward facilities fulfilling 200,000 orders a day with only four employees to service the robots.

Combine all these factors with radical changes in mobility centered on autonomous vehicles, and we are about to see the most significant set of impacts to land use in a generation.

This course outlines the hyper-related near-future scenarios for retail, freight, and jobs, and links them to the shifts on mobility. Look at the impacts of rapidly shifting land valuation, targeted development capacities, and the change in evaluation of land-use location and compatibility.