A Decade of Demand Responsive Parking

What You'll Learn

  • Define the elements of a successful demand-responsive parking program.
  • Distinguish which elements of a demand-responsive program would be most applicable to your community.
  • Identify the key measures of success for a demand-responsive parking program.

More Course Details

Demand-responsive parking management is an important tool for cities looking for methods to manage the valuable public right-of-way along the curb. Based on the experience of San Francisco and other cities, varying parking meter prices by demand serves to increase parking availability, reduce unnecessary travel from cars circling in search for a parking space, reduce congestion and, encourage the use of non-auto modes of transportation to areas with high parking demand.

Planners from cities that have established demand-responsive parking discuss various ways to implement demand-responsive pricing, examine the challenges in establishing and maintaining a program, and offer insights on how this can apply to your city.