Human Trafficking and Land-Use Policy

What You'll Learn

  • Learn about human trafficking awareness and education.
  • Discover practical tools to integrate land-use policy and human trafficking into massage parlor ordinances.
  • Explore various methods for advocating for human trafficking awareness at the local level.

More Course Details

Learn how land-use policy and advocacy planning can help provide a framework that city, county, and tribal governments can use in the fight against human trafficking. Human trafficking training is typically for first responders, law enforcement, and anti-trafficking organizations. This course seeks to provide proactive methods for other individuals, such as code enforcement personnel and land-use planners.

In the City of Azusa, California, the planning division has made efforts to educate departments about trafficking and its local impacts. From those experiences, a toolkit has been developed that highlights several ways a planner can collaborate with different agencies to fight trafficking. Land-use policies are included, showcasing examples from Azusa on massage parlors and their impacts on code enforcement.