Density Bonuses: Let's Get the Bonus!

What You'll Learn

  • Update affordable housing density bonus ordinance language to improve effectiveness, clarity, and ease of use.
  • Explain the role of market calibration in developing an attractive and feasible bonus incentive package.
  • Understand the pros and cons of different affordable housing policy options.

More Course Details

A robust affordable housing density bonus program must be:

  • calibrated to market realities
  • compatible with neighborhood context
  • easy to read and understand

This course features speakers who share best practices and tips for developing a density bonus program that can translate to any community, large or small.

Get practical solutions to develop a robust and market-driven incentives package, understand the role of zoning to supplement and reinforce the viability of density bonuses, and explore examples of best practices for designing and organizing these complex regulations so that they are easy to use and update.

A case study from Portland, Oregon, provides lessons learned and shares how these components came together and the politics behind creating and administering the program.