Integrating Emerging Mobility Into Multi-Modal Systems

What You'll Learn

  • How public, private, and technology partnerships manage mobility.
  • The key elements of a multi-modal plan related to community visioning.
  • The technologies that facilitate planning and integration of mobility solutions.

More Course Details

When we plan for emerging mobility we assume we know what the future will look like when in fact we can only guess. This course explores the different tools and technologies available to make educated decisions on planning for integrating emerging mobility into community visions and goals.

Learn about an autonomous shuttle pilot program being implemented into a multi-modal scheme for a changing community, and a software start-up that is revolutionizing how cities design for mobility. Hear from a thought leader in transportation planning who has been helping public agencies prepare for autonomous vehicles and shared mobility.

From scooters to electric vehicles to automated/connected vehicles — and one day flying cars — these new technologies are rapidly propelling us forward. We need to plan now for cities, towns, and, most importantly people, to avoid spinning out of control.