Promoting, Planning, and Paying for Resilience

What You'll Learn

  • The potential fiscal impacts of resiliency inaction.
  • Resilience financing options and what other cities and counties are doing.
  • How to talk with your finance department about goals related to fiscal health and resilience.

More Course Details

The U.S. faces challenges related to climate change, natural disasters, aging infrastructure, and changing economies and demographics. Some governmental agencies are developing policies and goals that promote resiliency and long-term sustainability, while others may face fiscal issues that hinder their ability or desire to fund new sustainability measures.

To build support for sustainability and resiliency planning, it is critical that planners understand the role finance plays in achieving these goals. Knowing how to forge alliances with other professionals and agencies and how best to frame the need for sustainability will help planners achieve much better outcomes.

Learn from a diverse group of speakers representing financial consultants, bond rating agencies, municipal finance departments, and planners on what funding options are available, how best to make the "financial case" for resiliency, and which governments are planning for and funding long-term strategies.