Negotiating Transit–TNC Partnerships That Work

What You'll Learn

  • Transit agencies are facing a range of challenges and opportunities through partnerships with transportation network companies (TNCs).
  • Plan for successful partnerships by defining objectives and key performance indicators, creating evaluation plans, and securing funding.
  • The way to negotiate agreements between public and private-sector transportation providers, launch partnerships, and evaluate their outcomes.

More Course Details

Do transit and transportation network companies (TNCs) compete or collaborate? It's not as simple as that. As new mobility service providers emerge, many public transit agencies have partnered, or are in the process of partnering, with such providers. These partnerships come at a time when TNCs are increasingly viewed as a direct competitive threat to public transit.

Many public transit agencies, however, see a unique opportunity to leverage the low-cost, on-demand service model of TNCs to provide or to test new and potentially more cost-efficient mobility options for their customers.

Almost two dozen past, current, and in-development partnerships were evaluated for the 2019 TCRP report Partnerships Between Transit Agencies and Transportation Network Companies.

In this course, leaders in transit agency innovation from both the public and private sectors discuss the research done for the report and draw out key strategies for cultivating successful transit–TNC partnerships.