Preserving Affordable Housing Through Big Data

What You'll Learn

  • How to obtain publicly available property and ownership data for coordinating housing preservation activity.
  • How to follow a step-by-step data cleaning algorithm using open-source OpenRefine software.
  • How to categorize owner types and prioritize properties for preservation activities, based on a set of selected characteristics.

More Course Details

Affordable housing production is expensive. A more feasible option is preserving existing subsidized or naturally occurring affordable stock, but still, the funds are limited. How to pick the best properties to preserve? How to locate the best landlords and property owners?

This course provides hands-on data-driven methods to simplify these coordination problems. These tools include publicly available access to property data, open-source data cleaning software from OpenRefine, step-by-step instructions on software use, and ways to categorize owner and property types.

Speakers present implementation case studies in Atlanta, Cleveland, and Los Angeles. Learn about the structure of some typical affordable housing preservation funds and ways of engaging with funders.