NPC20 @ Home Collection

The NPC20 @ Home Collection brings the spirit of the National Planning Conference to the planning community. This collection combines the most relevant NPC20 content with new programming that speaks to the unprecedented challenges planners are facing during the COVID-19 pandemic and career navigation. A complete list of session recordings appears below, with more than 25 CM credits available – including 1.5 law credits and 1.5 ethics credits!  
Student Price:  $25.00 (price shown in cart)

Keynote 1: Rebuilding Community 

Attainable Housing Challenges: Rules and Engagement 

Reaching Beyond Single Family Zone Districts? 

Legal Issues Associated With Planning and Zoning Hearings In A Pandemic 

Pathways to Prosperity: Differentiating Rural Assets 

Demanding Equity: Planning for Disaster Recovery 

Resilient Houston: The 101st Resilient City 

Examining Informal and Emerging Microtransit 

From the Trenches: Abolishing Parking Minimums 


Keynote 2: Opening Keynote: On the Frontlines of Pandemic Response and Recovery 

Virtual Tools for Co-Design and Community Engagement 

Contextualizing Big Data 

Rethinking Smart Cities Holistically 

How to Harness Census/Election Year Organizing 

Live-Work-Play-Dispatch: Designing for E-Commerce 

How Post-Disaster Data Can Inform Planning 

Planning Education and Digital Evolution 

Build Political Will Using "Grasstops" Advocacy 


Keynote 3: Finding the Way Forward for Planning and Communities 

What the Gig? Private Practice Today 

Ethics Cases of the Year: 2020 

The Housing Crisis of the Housing Crisis 

Economic Impacts of COVID-19 and Planning for Inclusive Recovery 

Plan Houston: Planning the Unplanned City 

Waste Deep: Planning for Disposal in a Pandemic and Other Disasters 

Risk Based Transportation Planning for Uncertainty 

Granite Becomes Gold: Curb Value Transformations 


Opening Keynote: Keeping Current in a Technology-driven Future 

Nature and the Mind in an Era of Pandemic 

Behind the Scenes of the Hiring Process 

Effectively Managing Virtual Teams 

Choose your Own Adventure: The Many Sides of Planning Inside Government and Out 

Battling Job Search Fatigue: Staying Positive 

Rigor, Relevance, and the Value of the Letters 

Using Social Media to Build Your Personal Brand 


Recordings will be available for one year from the date of purchase.