Demanding Equity: Planning for Disaster Recovery

What You'll Learn

  • Identify the key root causes of greater exposure and vulnerability of communities of color and low income to climate-related, man-made, and public health disasters.
  • Understand how disaster recovery takes longer for low-income and marginalized populations, and how development patterns, construction, and infrastructure expose socially vulnerable households to disaster.
  • Examine why community resilience must be "bottom-up driven and top-down supported." How can NGOs engage citizens and leaders?

More Course Details

Planners and disaster management specialists are focusing on the important root causes of the exposure and vulnerability of marginalized communities — particularly communities of color — to environmental and public health disasters. Planners are challenged to examine the interplay of social equity and diversity with all aspects of planning practice, including disaster mitigation, readiness, recovery, and the creation of resilient communities.

This session examines how “inequity and unequal opportunity” and years of discriminatory practices have led to greater disaster vulnerability and recovery challenges for impacted communities. Explore segregation, disinvestment, inadequate infrastructure, and public services with this experienced panel for a thought-provoking, interactive, fast-paced look at social equity issues and solutions in disaster planning, recovery, and creating resilient communities — including for our current pandemic.

Our diverse Texas-rooted panel will help answer many “why” questions on this topic. Why are there longer recovery trajectories for households and housing types common to low-income and minority populations? Why do development patterns, construction, and infrastructure expose socially vulnerable households? How do these influence our current situation? Resilience must be bottom-up driven and top-down supported. Inherent inequalities are built into planning practice; justice and equity must be a foundation of hazard mitigation and long-term recovery planning.

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