Finding the Way Forward for Planning and Communities

What You'll Learn

  • Learn about a pro-planning stimulus plan and how to effectively communicate its value. 
  • Discuss future needs and trends as they relate to recovery.
  • Identify the unique needs of planning firms and local planning departments, and how these needs can be implemented.

More Course Details

Planning is essential to our recovery from the current pandemic, and this conversation will provide new insights into the reality we confront and the future we want. Join the conversation with leaders who will offer unique perspectives from both the private sector and local government.

In day three's opening keynote from NPC20 @ Home, panelists explore current economic impacts, discuss future needs and trends, and examine how planning should position itself for recovery and success. Learn from these thought leaders as they discuss economic trends and how they may shape planning and community's needs.

The session includes discussion of a pro-planning stimulus plan and how to effectively communicate the value of planning in today’s context. Panelists will discuss lessons learned from past crises and how planning firms and local planning departments will be required to address these needs.

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