Keeping Current in a Technology-driven Future

What You'll Learn

  • Identify the technology tools that support resiliency.
  • Learn how location-based technology can be used in decision making.
  • Explore technology in the context of a variety of planning disciplines.

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      Planners must evolve and change by staying current with technology skills. Planners are increasingly involved in tasks such as resilience planning, creating economic opportunity, and the changing landscape of citizen engagement. Technology in the context of the planning disciplines includes field data collection, designing in a digital twin, interactive policy making through data-driven decisions, enhanced civic engagement and inclusion, the rise of artificial intelligence for modeling, and much more.

      With the onset of COVID-19, we saw how quickly technology can scale to support resiliency. With early plans forming for the phased reopening of businesses and services, planners will need to be at the forefront of policies dealing with homelessness, economic restoration, and more. The driver behind all these facets is location.

      In this opening keynote for NPC20 @ Home's Career Zone, learn how measuring, analyzing, and visualizing location positively impacts and drives community policy, planning, and design.

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