Deregulatory Trends in Land Use


  • What we have learned so far from the elimination of single-family zoning in Minneapolis and from recent legislation in California, including the failed effort to pass SB50.
  • Where deregulatory trends are heading across the country.
  • Whether deregulating land use has actually led to an increase in housing supply, and whether there have been other unintended consequences.
  • Discussion of the potential legal issues in the deregulation of land uses.


Rising housing costs and environmental concerns have led to efforts to “upzone” communities by deregulating limits on higher-density residential uses, providing density incentives for developments that include affordable housing, or eliminating single-family zoning altogether. Are these deregulatory trends a sign of a fundamental shift in land-use philosophies?

This course will discuss recent and proposed legislation in Minnesota and California that illustrate these trends, as well as the potential legal issues that come with such legislation.

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