Recovery Roundtable: Featuring Deputy Mayors


  • Understand how local governments are tackling economic recovery and the impacts of the pandemic on planning and economic development.
  • Explore innovative planning approaches and policies to promote equitable recovery and advance key development goals in today’s context.
  • Examine how planners work with elected officials and community leaders to advance planning goals.


Deputy mayors play a pivotal role in local government, often connecting planners and elected officials. This session will examine how planners can be more effective in engaging and influencing elected officials and local leaders. Both speakers are leading efforts to ensure that recovery opens opportunity for reinvention to tackle equity issues and promote smart, resilient development.

These deputy mayors will describe the changes in both the economy and municipal finance driven by COVID-19 and how they are keeping the pipeline of development projects moving while maintaining effective public engagement. They will specifically address the unique challenges of mid-size and slower-growth communities.