Infrastructure Policy Now

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Congress is currently working on a new transportation bill to replace the expiring FAST Act, new water resources legislation, provisions to advance resiliency in federal infrastructure programs, regulations for emerging technologies, and new methods of financing projects. Meanwhile, there are strong forces shaping future infrastructure needs and plans. Planners and policymakers are increasingly focused on issues such as vertical zoning, drone delivery, electric vehicle infrastructure, greening the energy grid, and redesigning curbs and community spaces.

Infrastructure leaders will examine the trends that are shifting infrastructure needs and that will affect both planning and policies. They will also discuss the direction that state and federal policy should go to best position planning to tackle the needs of our infrastructure now.

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify new opportunities for improving planning in upcoming infrastructure legislation aimed at transportation and water.
  • Learn how regional planning is adapting to new infrastructure needs driven by forces such as new technology, changing demand, climate change, and the impact of COVID-19.
  • Examine approaches designed to better reflect housing, equity, and economic shifts in infrastructure policy and projects.