Tackling the Climate Crisis


  • Explore the state of federal climate change policy, its future direction post-election, and the impacts on planning.
  • Identify opportunities and ideas for climate change and resiliency in federal programs and regulations.
  • Learn about plans to effectively communicate and address shifts in climate-related trends in the aftermath of the COVID pandemic.


The release of the House Select Committee on the Climate Crisis report provides a new window into a possible federal climate agenda. Infrastructure legislation envisions a planning-led effort tackling transportation sector emissions and new technologies. Leading policymakers will discuss recent developments in an array of climate policy areas, including transportation, resiliency, hazard mitigation, and clean energy. Experts will examine the prospects for action after Election Day and the potential impacts of COVID-19 on climate politics. Discover how the debate on climate may be shifting and discuss the role of local and regional plans on both the politics and policies of climate change.