Leading an Equitable Recovery


  • Discover how community development finance institutions and community development non-profits can partner with planners to promote housing and economic opportunity.
  • Identify new approaches at the municipal level for integrating equity and inclusive growth strategies into recovery and economic development plans.
  • Recognize how federal, state, and local policies can create a more supportive framework for inclusive growth and an equitable economic recovery.


This opening keynote from day two of the 2020 Policy and Advocacy tackles the issue of how communities can pursue an economic recovery that is equitable and addresses longstanding challenges. A national leader in community development finance, Local Initiative Support Corporation (LISC) CEO Maurice Jones will identify planning and policy solutions that can encourage a more inclusive approach to economic development, public investments, and access to opportunity. The need to maintain the pipeline of capital development projects is one aspect of recovery, but there is also the opportunity for reinvention by focusing development, housing, and capital infrastructure projects in ways that expand economic opportunity and build wealth in underserved communities. Discover how communities are placing equity and opportunity for all at the center of new strategies for economic prosperity.