The Future of Zoning


  • Learn what states and communities around the country are doing to overhaul zoning.
  • Gain insights into politics and policies surrounding efforts to reduce regulatory barriers to housing affordability.
  • Identify approaches to zoning and code reform that can boost housing options and opportunity.


Zoning codes are being reevaluated across the country, with many communities reforming zoning as a way of promoting housing development and tackling inequality. Eliminating single-family zoning and changing codes to promote multifamily and “missing middle” housing has gained new national prominence. The issue has been central to debates about how to promote housing affordability, boost housing production, and promote housing equity and opportunity.

This session will examine what is happening around the country and dig specifically into new actions in Portland, Oregon. Experts will also discuss the role of states in zoning and planning reform and pressure coming from Washington to spur reforms, including the Executive Order on Reducing Regulatory Barriers to Affordable Housing.