Election 2020: Agenda for Planning and Recovery

Join Live | Nov. 12 at 1 pm CT

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand how the outcomes of the 2020 elections are likely to affect critical planning programs and economic recovery policies.
  • Gain insights and intelligence on future legislation affecting planning in the lame duck session of Congress and the 117th Congress.
  • Identify key trends and potential changes in planning law and regulation as a result of 2020 state-level elections and ballot measures.

Course Details

State houses, Congress, and the White House are all up for grabs with the results directly affecting not only planning law and regulation but also the next stage of relief and recovery policy. Find out what the election results mean for the future of a federal recovery package, infrastructure stimulus, and transportation reauthorization. Discover what’s ahead for a lame duck congressional session in 2020 and the agenda for a new Congress in 2021. Take an in-depth look at state-level election results and what they mean for planning issues from housing to pre-emption. 

A conversation with veteran Capitol Hill watchers will look at what to expect from Washington and the newly elected Congress, including prospects for key planning concerns, such as climate change, housing, economic development, and transportation legislation.


Attendees of the 2020 Policy and Advocacy Conference can access this webinar free of charge as part of their registration fee.