Data-Driven Innovations to Modernize Zoning for Equity

What You'll Learn

  • Identify the ways in which land use laws have led to segregation and inequality.
  • Explore specific statewide changes to housing-related zoning provisions.
  • Analyze current zoning regulations and ways to develop diverse affordable housing options.

More Course Details

Discriminatory and outdated zoning regulations demand the attention of all practicing planners. Get insights on how to address housing policies and remake zoning laws to ensure more equitable communities for all. Experts share specific changes to statewide enabling acts and local zoning codes that encourage diverse, affordable housing options. An analysis of the first-in-the-nation Connecticut Zoning Atlas — mapping the entire state's zoning districts — demonstrates how accurate data can support necessary changes to enable more just and equitable communities.

Zoning laws help to lock in systemic racism through single-family-only zoning, bans on multifamily housing, and regulations that make developing housing more expensive. Glean new insights and approaches to overcoming zoning challenges and creating equitable communities for all.

Session materials:  Current bill S.B. 1024