A Team Approach to Wildfire Planning


  • How planners contribute to wildfire mitigation and resiliency and disaster management, and how to begin a resiliency-planning effort
  • The role of the comprehensive plan, development codes, and building standards in the wildland-urban interface and other fire-hazard areas
  • How to form teams of planners, fire and emergency management professionals, and building officials to address wildfire planning


The community benefits when planners, fire professionals, emergency managers, and building officials work together to plan for wildfire mitigation, community resilience, and damage prevention. Explore the role of the planner in helping communities increase their resilience to wildfire. Presenters touch on experiences managing a national wildfire assistance program and developing a FEMA course titled "Land Use Planning for the Wildland-Urban Interface" and review the evolution of the planner's involvement in wildfire planning from interested bystander to active integration of mitigation and resilience into the comprehensive plan, development code, and building regulations. Learn how you can help build disaster resilience in your community.