Elevating Inclusivity in the Workplace

What You'll Learn

  • Learn how to bring awareness of cultural insensitivities that exist in organizations that are white-dominated.
  • Examine ways to assess the pulse and temperature of an organization to determine how strategies will be perceived and received.
  • Explore the tangible benefits of elevating an inclusive culture in terms of products and efficiencies.

More Course Details

Several women of color share how they are working to achieve a more inclusive and equity-sensitive culture in their organizations, communities, and on community boards and commissions. Get their insights into how to bring awareness of cultural insensitivities that exist organizationally when working in environments that are predominately white-dominated. Learn about metrics and measures that can be used to achieve accountability on the part of all members of an organization in elevating the new culture.

Explore strategies that women of color have found effective in shifting an organizational culture, and get their unique recommendations for achieving diverse, inclusive, and equitable leadership on boards and commissions.