Lessons in Combating Displacement: Creating More Equitable Growth

What You'll Learn

  • Explore Charlotte, North Carolina's approach to using displacement data to shape a variety of policies, programs, and regulatory tools.
  • Learn how Charlotte's Equitable Growth Framework shapes policies within its 2040 Comprehensive Plan.
  • Examine the integration of anti-displacement concepts and affordable housing in the Silver Line station area planning process.

More Course Details

Systemic racism is a core part of the larger national conversation about inequity. As planners, we must be cognizant of our role. Explore Charlotte, North Carolina's experience with riots following a police shooting in 2016 and the steps the city has taken to address its historic systemic inequity. Learn about the city's approach to issues like displacement and affordable housing from a planning context. How can planners apply these concepts in policies, projects, programs, and regulatory tools?

Specific Charlotte programs that target inequity include the 2040 Plan's Equitable Growth Framework, the Silver Line TOD study, and an anti-displacement overlay district for transit station areas.