Addressing Climate Change Adaptation Through Green Infrastructure Strategies

What You'll Learn

  • Learn how green infrastructure can help address climate change adaptation needs.
  • Identify economic development and community improvement benefits brought about through green infrastructure strategies.
  • Draw on successful strategies in building diverse coalitions to facilitate, lead, and fund green infrastructure projects.

More Course Details

Successful green infrastructure projects — commonly thought of as stormwater management strategy — help build community, improve health, provide green jobs, and manage stormwater not limited to drainage. Growing evidence has found that green infrastructure strategies are effective at helping mitigate the impacts of climate change — by reducing heat island, attenuating intense rainfall, and creating more resilient outdoor environments. Contrast gray and green types of infrastructure; explore the additional economic, social, and environmental benefits of green infrastructure; and learn about successful implementation and funding strategies.

Green infrastructure projects in disadvantaged neighborhoods have the potential to provide significant economic development and neighborhood reinvestment. Learn how to implement inclusionary methods and techniques to bring underrepresented voices into the project development process.