Ethics 2017-18 Cases of the Year


  • Key principles and rules of conduct in the AICP Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct
  • Ethical issues faced frequently by professional planners (and citizen planners)
  • How to assess your own ethical conduct by reflecting on real-life case studies


This 1.5-hour course reviews some of the most common ethical questions that were faced by planners during 2018. These "Ethics Cases of the Year" were prepared by the AICP Ethics Committee as a way to provide ethics training to AICP-certified and non-certified professional planners and citizen planners. Attendees are asked for their responses to several ethical scenarios posed by the panelists. All of the examples are based on real-life examples from 2017. The panelists include two members of the AICP Ethics Committee, as well as the APA/AICP ethics officer.