Nature-Based Solutions for Creating Climate Resilient Communities

What You'll Learn

  • Learn how nature-based solutions can mitigate hazard risks and enhance community resilience.
  • Explore the restoration of vacant lots to protect key habitat, improve community health, and provide workforce development opportunities.
  • Examine ways that planners can work across sectors to implement nature-based solutions.

More Course Details

It is not a common practice to integrate nature in all aspects of planning work. However, the changing climate and the COVID-19 pandemic have made it clear that natural infrastructure can provide a variety of co-benefits, including advancing community health and well-being. Planners can integrate nature-based solutions through strategic points of interventions: long-range community visioning and goal setting, plan making, policies and incentives, development work, and public investments.

Many historically underinvested communities are disproportionately affected by changing climate. They may also have less access to nature, which can have adverse impacts on health. Get new ideas (e.g., use of pollinator gardens) to help combat climate change and increase access to nature.