How Technology Is Shaping Practice and Your Career

Course Details

The pandemic disrupted every business nationwide, revealing shortcomings and opportunities, planning offices included. Through this event, planners on the leading edge of technological change in global companies, academia, and city government share their thoughts on the competencies planners will need in the future to create great communities for all.  

Panelists will discuss the changes in planners’ responsibilities and how technology is changing what is expected of planners and the evolving digital ecosystems supporting them. There will be ample time for questions and discussion. This event is suitable for planners of all career levels, from students selecting courses to lifelong learners wanting to discover the technology trends that are shaping planning. The event encourages planners to think ahead to what’s possible, engage their technological imaginations, and explore how planners can proactively move forward in the midst of great change to reinvent and reinvigorate the planning process. 

Learning Outcomes 

  • Discuss emerging technology trends and their impact so planners can take action and incorporate them when career planning.  
  • Explore core concepts relating to artificial intelligence (AI), coding and automation, digitalization, and digital twins and the effect on the work of planning.  
  • Differentiate the technologies and functions to understand how best to incorporate the tools in the work of planning or in career development.