Changing Minds: How Mindfulness and Reflection Make it Possible

What You'll Learn

  • Frame planning practice in the context of practical judgments.
  • Use mindfulness and reflection in professional practice.
  • Use session material to explain and discuss your personal, inside-out basis for practice with others

More Course Details

Meet with two experts in a facilitated discussion of mindfulness and reflection; Rick Willson, FAICP and Dr. Anita Stauffer. Both concepts are essential to practice, but they are often confused or passed over in the urgency of the moment. A mindfulness practice can free the best of your cognitive and emotional intelligence when your patience and the collaborative process is stuck. Reflection processes can keep you anchored in the process of thinking-in-action so that you can make wise practical judgments in the moment, assess past experiences, and have a language to share your thought process with others.