Reflection Reset: Professional Effectiveness in Turbulent Times

Join Live | Oct. 29 at Noon CT

What You'll Learn

  • Acquire and use a common language to reflect on and during professional practice.
  • Apply a reflection framework to ethical decisions made in your practice, using planner-as-person, context, and elements of logic, emotion, convention, and invention.
  • Learn how the AICP Code of Ethics and reflection can help planners in their professional practice.

More Course Details

Learn about reflection techniques that support ethical decision-making in turbulent times. Covid-19 recovery, anti-racist initiatives, climate change, and uncertainty compel planners to examine their assumptions, methods, and processes in an ethical context. Individual and collective reflection can help, but it is easier said than done. The workshop includes presentation of techniques for reflection-on-action and reflection-in-action, and using the AICP Code of Ethics, to guide practical judgments, this course provides an opportunity for small group breakout discussions. Anchor your practice in reflection so that you can make ethical decisions, assess past experiences, and have a language to share your thought process with others.