The New Direction of Federal Infrastructure Policy


  • Assess the impact of new executive orders and regulatory actions on transportation plans and projects.
  • Incorporate U.S. DOT priorities of safety, equity, climate, and resilience into planning and grant applications.
  • Use American Rescue Plan and infrastructure legislation programs more effectively in plan development and implementation.


Washington is on the cusp of major infrastructure legislation; get a firsthand look at the road ahead. As Congress nears passage of landmark infrastructure legislation, find out how federal agencies are changing programs, supporting recovery, and preparing for reauthorization. Hear where the federal infrastructure agenda is headed and learn about plans to address a new set of priorities such as equity, resilience, and safety. The Biden Administration is making these priorities the drivers of federal transportation programs. Hear leading policy makers discuss how U.S. Department of Transportation and key planning programs are evolving and what it means for your community. Find out how recovery programs are being implemented, what you can expect from the upcoming transportation reauthorization, and how early executive actions are changing transportation planning.