Recovery, Reauthorization & Reconciliation


  • Identify changes in planning requirements and resources in new DOT programs and the surface transportation reauthorization.
  • Advance bike, pedestrian, and safety plans and projects more effectively based on changes in federal law.
  • Communicate guidance about potential zoning reform provisions in pending budget legislation for local leaders, advocates, and key stakeholders.


The Senate has passed sweeping infrastructure legislation, and a budget bill with critical planning implications is pending in Congress. The Biden Administration continues with implementation of recovery legislation. In this session, get the latest insights on where things stand, what’s next, and what it all means for your work and your community. Action on Capitol Hill is changing the resources and requirements for planners. Find out what the new infrastructure bill holds for planning. Experts will discuss reforms to transportation planning programs and new opportunities on the horizon. Learn about new planning funding; how the transportation legislation is poised to transform planning for biking, walking, safety, climate, and micromobility; and new programs aimed at using data for understanding access and performance. As Congress moves forward on major budget legislation, this session will examine its impacts on zoning reform, housing, and climate change and prepare you for what’s next.