Land Use Law Update


The legal landscape for planning is always changing. Leading land-use attorneys will highlight the amicus curiae work of APA and detail the court cases shaping your work — including a new sign-regulation case headed to the U.S. Supreme Court — and an array of cases touching on key planning issues. This fall the Court will hear a new case related to local regulation of on-premise and off-premise signs. This session will examine that case, APA’s amicus curiae brief, and the evolution of sign litigation since Reed v. Gilbert. Leaders of the APA amicus committee will discuss other important new developments in land-use law. Find out what your community needs to know to ensure your plans and codes meet new legal standards and how the APA amicus process can support important state cases.

  • Improve local sign codes and regulations based on new case law.
  • Protect and advance critical planning principles through amicus curiae involvement in pending legal cases.
  • Use new case law and legal trends in developing plans and codes.