Burnham Forum: The Future of Zoning


The nation confronts an ongoing housing crisis and a major reckoning about the regulations that shape housing markets and communities. The Burnham Forum will examine the forces driving housing and zoning reform, the impact of recent innovations, and ideas for how policy makers and planners can craft effective and equitable new ways to plan and regulate housing. Conversations about the impact of zoning on housing affordability and equitable access to opportunity are happening at all levels of government. Cities are forging new paths for local housing plans and zoning. States are overhauling zoning enabling legislation and tackling related issues like accessory dwelling units and parking minimums. At the federal level, new legislation aims to provide direct support for communities to dismantle outdated zoning and craft a new framework for guiding housing development that supports opportunity and access for all.

  • Expand understanding of the economic, political, and social trends affecting zoning.
  • Improve local planning initiatives and codes to address issues that include age-friendly housing, parking minimums, and “missing middle” housing production.
  • Communicate more effectively with elected officials and key stakeholders about issues of housing and zoning reform.