Winning Strategies for State Zoning Reform


  • Build more effective planning-led coalitions in support of state zoning-reform legislation.
  • Communicate planning perspectives and value more effectively to state leaders and zoning-reform advocates.
  • Identify specific options for advancing zoning reform, including non-legislative opportunities.


States are on the frontline of zoning reform. Parking minimums, accessory dwelling units, and zoning are major issues in state legislatures. New legislation has been debated across the country and passed in Oregon, Massachusetts, and Connecticut. Find out what’s being done and the implications for planning, and gain insights into successful legislative and communication approaches. Planners are leading state zoning reform as it continues to grab attention and headlines. This session will examine differing approaches that reflect local political climates. Find out how the Desegregate Connecticut Coalition accomplished a landmark overhaul of the state’s zoning and housing policy while using planning as a key resource for making the case for reform. Learn how Michigan is opting for a non-legislative approach with a state-supported and planning-focused new framework. Examine the politics and policies of state zoning reform around the country and discuss how planning and planners can influence this critical debate.