Planners Leading Local Housing Reform


  • Identify tactics for improving local reform coalitions, public engagement, and influence.
  • Discover specific examples of housing reform led through planning that can inform and change local practices.
  • Understand approaches for implementing effective reform and the fiscal impacts of reform.


Cities and counties are innovating in housing planning and local code reform. Hear directly from city leaders and planners about new plans that are meeting new needs and how planners are leading reform. They will detail how critical changes to codes and zoning are being implemented and how to navigate the challenging politics of reform. While state and federal policy makers continue housing debates, local planners are taking action. Local leaders are working to shift the housing narrative, build political will, and advance the solutions needed for meeting today’s housing challenges. Discuss the local planning, politics, and messaging surrounding the housing and zoning debate. Find out what cities are doing to advance housing reform and plans and meet critical housing needs. This session will examine the political challenges to reform, the coalitions that are overcoming the obstacles, and the plans and policies being approved. City leaders will discuss planning solutions and strategies for successful implementation.