Promoting Accessory Dwelling Unit Reform


  • Incorporate new models and codes into local ADU standards and practices.
  • Identify barriers to effective ADU production and how communities are overcoming them.
  • Review new state and local ADU legislation and the role of coalitions in policy and political processes.


States and communities across the nation engaged in major reform related to accessory dwelling units (ADUs) have adopted a record number of associated statutes and codes. Changes for ADUs are an important part of addressing the housing crisis and advancing zoning reform. Planners are leading ADU-reform efforts. ADU policies are often a key element of broader housing- and zoning-reform changes. Learn what’s been tried, what’s working with state and local ADU reforms, and how these changes fit into the larger landscape of zoning reform. Experts will detail how new policy innovations are overcoming longstanding barriers. Find out how AARP, in consultation with APA, has designed new model state and local codes that support ADU production.