Outlook for Housing and Our Economic Future


  • Prepare for new incentives, models, and requirements promoting local code and zoning reform.
  • Improve local housing recovery and security plans and initiatives based on new federal tools, resources, and regulations.
  • Expand planning for equity related to housing and HUD requirements for fair housing and Community Development Block Grants.


Housing and recovery remain critical challenges facing communities. The Biden Administration has made housing a significant priority for recovery, reinvention, and opportunity for all. Hear about critical new policies and programs, including efforts to support state and local zoning reform. Inform your planning with essential intelligence and insights from leading Washington policy makers. The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development is shifting policies that will change how you plan for housing affordability and accessibility. New executive orders and regulatory changes are transforming fair housing and Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing standards for consolidated plans. The administration has made zoning reform central to its recovery and housing supply strategies. Planning for housing security is a critical part of the recovery and rescue plans. Hear directly from leading policy makers about new policies and the role of planning in addressing social and racial equity and the nation’s housing crisis.