Jumpstart Your Equity Work Partnering with School Planners

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify the eight education policies in the APA Planning for Equity Policy Guide and how they apply to planners' practice.
  • Examine how local government and school district planners can work collaboratively towards more equitable outcomes, with specific focus on PSIG's collaboration checklists which includes strategies to incorporate schools in general planning functions.
  • Recognize the relationship of school enrollments and funding with facility planning that determines new schools and/or school closures.

More Course Details

Public schools reflect our society, and often are a microcosm of their neighborhoods and communities. They are a major determinant in housing decisions, perceptions of neighborhoods, and have a tremendous impact on infrastructure. School planners bring a unique perspective to planning and there is growing recognition that school and local government planners can be invaluable resources to each other's work towards growth, revitalizing communities, and addressing equity issues.

APA's Planning for Equity Policy Guide includes eight policies that are specific to school planning of which career school planners will provide examples and specific details. In this course, professional school planners highlight their efforts to share methods to incorporate sound planning principles.

This course aims to link school planning with the work of local government planners by providing greater insight, tools, and techniques into collaborating on school and traditional planning. Our panel of experts will provide tangible examples of how to improve outcomes for students and communities, as well as present career opportunities available in school planning.