Digital Master Planning in the Metaverse

Planning presentations have committed death by PowerPoint for decades. GIS maps are 2D and uncompelling. New tools are necessary to take the industry to the next level and empower planners to track projects, tell projects’ stories, and look at their communities and cities with new, data-driven insight. They can leverage the same tools to help communities adapt and fight climate change by showing real-world examples.

Examples show how to use census and HUD data to highlight historic institutional racism and move toward an equitable future. By using public data to acknowledge past injustices and inequities, planners can earn trust, making project implementation less fraught in communities of need.

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn how to present master plans that leverage the latest immersive technology, in both public sessions and online.
  • Discover how to use GIS and public-domain data to highlight inequities and acknowledge historic institutional racism.
  • See how Sonoma and Santa Monica’s master planning for forest fire resiliency leveraged the latest tools.

The NPC Peer Reviewers assigned this presentation a learning level of Advanced. For more on learning level descriptions visit our General Information Page.