Applying Best Practices to Wildlife Corridors

Wildlife corridor guidance found in research papers rarely translates to the municipal level. When guidance is found, most wildlife corridor and wildlife-friendly programs include standards for developers, often requiring them to consider impacts at the parcel level in the form of surveys and set-asides. This has resulted in improperly sized wildlife corridors and open spaces and led to the extirpation of larger mammals and keystone species in urban areas. Instead, we must convey to our communities the benefits of preservation; promote larger, multi-purpose corridors; and base decisions upon three values: environment, growth, and quality of life.

Presenters use the 2021 Buckeye Wildlife Corridors Best Management Practices Guide to examine existing wildlife-friendly corridor initiatives and programs and their shortfalls. Join them to explore new approaches and multi-purpose corridor concepts that offer environmental, recreational, and infrastructure benefits at all scales. Examine guidance at the regional, municipal, and site levels to understand best practices for fostering a preservation program that focuses on implementing functional wildlife-friendly practices.

Understanding best practices for developing functional wildlife corridors directly enables their development throughout a community, providing active recreation opportunities, minimizing environmental impacts, and mitigating hazards among residents across a broad range of demographics.

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify methods and new approaches in developing wildlife-friendly corridors that meet the needs of diverse stakeholders.
  • Integrate wildlife-friendly, best-management practice tools into infrastructure, economic development, health, equity, and environmental planning.
  • Think critically about the role of wildlife-friendly developments and corridors that include multiple benefits.

The NPC Peer Reviewers assigned this presentation a learning level of Intermediate. For more on learning level descriptions visit our General Information Page.